Inclusion & Diversity

East Room was founded in 2014 with the vision to develop an environment that enhances the personal and professional well-being of our members and extended community through intentional design, authentic programming, diverse community, and exceptional hospitality.

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusive Environments & Diverse Community

Our spaces and programming are designed around developing a diverse, connected and inclusive community. We act as a support system that is necessary for any individual or company to develop, establish or push your current boundaries.

We believe strength comes from our diversity where our spaces are designed to accommodate introverts and extroverts, creatives and analytical types, and people from all different backgrounds. One by one, we introduce new members to existing members, creating oppurtunities to connect and create new ideas where perspectives can merge.

First Floor Lounge

Culture & Conduct

We are comitted to building and fostering an inclusive culture where all members, employees and guests are treated with respect and dignity. Our shared values, goals and practices are set to define a workspace where everyone can feel at home and represented.

We value diversity and welcome a community of all backgrounds, genders, beliefs, sexual orientations, and all differences. We are a harassement-free workspace and encourage you to be yourself.

Community Engagement

As a community driven environment we believe in establishing a connecting point for the broader community. We seek to create a relationship and develop oppurtunities that positively impact the neighbourhoods we inhabit.

Through local partnerships, hosting in-house Residencies with community initiatives, quarterly drives supporting various charities within our neighbourhood, and internal programming. We look to further the community within and outside of our workspace.

Lay-Up Youth Basketball Residence
Lay-Up Youth Basketball develops skills to succeed on and off the court. The Lay-Up Residence assembled 300 play-at-home kits for a virtual summer program.
Hand Up Toronto Residence
Hand Up Toronto strives to create a society without hunger. The Hand Up (Feed the Six) Residence helped facilitate 1650 grocery care packages to help alleviate food insecurity in Toronto.
Lunch Hour Program
Our monthly Lunch Hour Program fosters a relationship with small local businesses within our surrounding neighbourhood and community.

Our Values

Put customers first

Be famous for friendly service. Care for people so that they can be their best. Focus on the customer and all else will follow.

Make a difference in our communities

Our locations are not insular, they are diverse connecting points for the broader community as well as our members. We strive to be a social, economic and cultural beacon in the neighbourhoods we inhabit.

We are one team

Our members and staff make the difference. By sharing our skills, knowledge and experience we become one team. Diversity makes us strong.

Strive for continuous improvement

Our work is never done. We work collectively to continuously improve our operations and productivity through a gradual, methodical and resourceful process.